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Weddings with dogs

We totally get that your dog or dogs are like family to you, ours certainly are to us! So you may love the idea of including them in your wedding ceremony, so we’ve put together our top 10 tips for weddings with dogs to ensure a smooth dog friendly ceremony.

1.       Book them in for a professional cut and bath as close to the wedding date as possible.

So they are freshly groomed and smelling sweet on the big day.

weddings with dogs

Diego the dog loving every moment of being in the bridal party of his Mum and Dads wedding.

Image: Dreamlife Photography

2.       Assign a dog concierge for the day

Your dog concierge is responsible for accompanying and taking care of the dog throughout the day. They may be a family member or friend, or alternatively consider hiring a professional pet wedding assistant (yes that’s actually a thing!) who understands this role and can take care of them throughout the day. A professional can also take responsibility for everything we’ve mentioned here and safely return them home after the ceremony saving one of your guests from having to make the trip.

3.       Dress to impress

It’s a wedding after all, so what better excuse to dress them up. If it’s a girl, consider a flower crown or lai (see tip 8 for tips on dog friendly flowers), or you could find an outfit that coordinates with the bridesmaids. Or boy dogs can be coordinated with the groom and groomsmen like these cute little fellas here.

If your four legged friend is a boy your options range from a simple bow tie collar through to a ‘black tie’ tuxedo.

wedding dogs at ceremony

Image: Studio Impressions Photography

4.       Safe Transportation

As your pup may be traveling to and from the wedding in a vehicle other than yours, organise safe transportation in advance, e.g. safe crate, booster seat and seat belting.

5.       Be Equipped

Ensure your assigned dog concierge person is well equipped with a lead, a water bowl, a large bottle of water for replenishing to keep the pup hydrated amongst all the excitement, poop bags to quickly clear away any number two’s, some wipes to clean paws so neither of the couples outfits get muddy paw prints when they need a puppy cuddle and of course some treats to reward all that excellent behaviour!

6.       Choose a dog friendly ceremony site

If you are planning on booking a local council park for your ceremony, do your research and check which parks and wedding sites are dog friendly and which parks dogs are not permitted.

Dog friendly Brisbane parks include New Farm Park, Lower River Terrace, Orleigh Park and Newstead Park.

dog friendly wedding Brisbane

Image: Tenille Fink

On cue, Kaia and Anthony’s dog ‘Bindi’ ran to her humans with the rings tied (securely) to her collar – such a precious moment and a very well trained pup!

7.       Maintain your dogs routine

To keep your dog happy and relaxed, maintain their current routine as best as possible. Ensuring they eat their normal meals at the normal times, and are given adequate walks (particularly pre ceremony). This should help reduce the chance of any unscheduled toilet stops at inopportune moments!


Image by Kate Bayne Roberts Photography Brisbane

Annabelle and Dan’s beloved dogs, Gordon and Dot couldn’t wait to join and congratulate their Mum and Dad at the signing table during their wedding at the dog friendly Orleigh Park.

8.       Wedding Florals Health & Safety

Given that there are a whole variety of flowers that can be highly toxic and dangerous for dogs to ingest, do your research and find out how ‘dog safe’ your preferred blooms are.

Also let your florist and ceremony decorator know that your dog will be attending so they can ensure all florals used are 100% dog friendly.

9.       Doggie Ring Bearer

If you’ve decided to give your dog the role of ‘ring bearer’ we have found the safest way to have the ring bearer present the rings is as follows:

Celebrant: “Can the very special ring bearer (dogs name) please present the rings”

The ‘dog concierge’ person walks the dog up to the couple and either hands over the rings, or the rings can be securely tied to the dogs collar/ leash. Once the rings have been passed, the couple give the dog a pat, cuddle or a kiss on the head. Creating timeless moments all captured by your photographer.

ideas for dogs at weddings

Sasha the ring bearer was a big surprise for her Mum (the bride) on their wedding day, the groom secretly arranged for her to be the ring bearer.

Photography by Kate Cornfoot PhotographyWedding Styling by Brisbane Wedding Decorators

10.   Include them in your wedding photos

Make the most of having your dog present and talk to your photographer about bringing them along with the wedding party on your location photo shoot. You’ll get some great shots and it will add to the memories of your day.

Wedding Dogs

Wedding Dog tips

Images: Studio Impressions Photography

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 tips for weddings with dogs. If you are looking for a dog friendly Celebrant for your wedding we would LOVE to hear from you.

Contact us for more information and to confirm availability for your special day.