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Legals Only Weddings

Legals Only Weddings

What is a Legals Only Wedding

Legals only weddings are a great option for couples that simply want to be married without having a traditional wedding ceremony. Given that this service includes just the minimum legal wording or close to, as a personalised ceremony isn’t required, we are able to offer legals only and paperwork marriages at a reduced cost, so it’s a budget friendly wedding option too!

Legals only marriages are often chosen by couples looking to get married quickly. Good news is that as full time Celebrants, we are available to meet new couples to complete the paperwork (NOIM form) and perform marriages every day of the week.

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Reasons to choose a Legals only wedding?

How to get married quickly?

What’s included in a legals only marriage?

Where can my legals only wedding take place?

What ceremony decor options are there?

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How soon can I get married?

If you are looking to get married as soon as possible, we would love to assist. Your pre-marriage paperwork (known as the ‘NOIM form’) must be completed, signed and witnessed and lodged with us no less than 1 calendar month before your marriage can take place.

So, the sooner we meet, the quicker you can get married. We are available to meet most days of the week, including weekday evenings and weekend mornings.

Meetings with either of us can take place via video call and we are currently permitted to sight your NOIM form during our video call meeting – lodging your NOIM form with us has never been so convenient!

As full time Celebrants we are available to perform ceremonies every day of the week, so if you are looking to get married quickly, and privately, would like your marriage ceremony to be relaxed, casual, stress-free, short and simple, enquire about our legals only marriage option now.

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Legals only weddings are perfect for:

– Couples that are having their ‘wedding’ overseas but would like the legalities of their marriage to take place in Australia to simplify the process of their overseas ‘wedding’ (commitment ceremony) and to ease the process of having their marriage recognised in Australia and changing their name through marriage.

– Anyone that would like to simply be married without the bells and whistles of a big wedding or a traditional ceremony.

– Couples on prospective marriage visa’s, partner visa’s or fiancé visa’s that simply want to get married without the big wedding or any fuss.

– Couples looking to get married as quickly as possible, and as easily as possible.

– Couples that like the idea of getting married without a wedding.

– Couples who would like to be married in secret now, and perhaps announce it and celebrate with their friends and family later.

– Couples of retirement age who never got round to getting married, and recognise the legal protection that marriage provides so they can assist with making health decisions for each other.

– Couples who are bringing their planned marriage date forward as they need to get married ASAP for visa purposes, e.g. couples applying for an overseas visa that requires you to be married, so would like to be married as soon as possible.

– Couples who would like to get married ASAP as they are expecting a baby and would like to legally be recognised as a family and all share the same last name.

– Couples that would love to simply be married and are in need of a budget wedding or cheap wedding option now, perhaps with the intent to throw a wedding vow renewals party later.

If this sounds exactly like what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

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Please Note: Your marriage can take place anytime from 1 month after the date we meet. Celebrant meetings can take place either in person in Brisbane or via video call.

The official marriage paperwork known as the NOIM form must be completed and lodged with us (the Celebrant) no less than 1 calendar month before the date of your marriage.

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What’s included in a Legals Only wedding?

A non ceremony ‘legals only’ marriage includes:

All legal marriage paperwork – from the pre-marriage NOIM form to the marriage certificates you will sign on the day.

A very short legal ceremony – with either the minimal required wording, or with a little more to make it special. You also have the option of writing your own vows to each other and exchanging rings if you wish. You will also be provided with a copy of your legals only wedding wording, so you know exactly what to expect on the day.

Vow writing guidance – Upon confirmation of your booking, we can provide you with vow writing tools to assist you, should you choose to write your own vows to each other (this is completely optional).

Assistance with applying for your registry issued marriage certificate – Making the process of applying for and receiving your official marriage certificate much easier for you.

Confirmation of marriage details – Before your marriage takes place, we’ll reconfirm all the details with you, to ensure we are all on the same page.

Recommendations – With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we can recommend other suppliers suited to your simple marriage ceremony, from Photographers that can capture your marriage, venues suited to your small private ceremony and of course our elopement ceremony decor package exclusively available to our couples.

Signing table – We can provide a signing table if need be.

Preparation and delivery of your legals only marriage – Giving you the simple, relaxed marriage you envisage.

Professionally dressed – Taking pride in our appearance we dress appropriately.

Change of last name guidance – After your marriage has taken place you will be sent an email confirming that your marriage documents have been lodged with BDM QLD (the department that registers your marriage). We will also provide you with information on receiving your registry issued marriage certificate, with guidance and a check list on changing your name through marriage, if you decide on doing so.

Recommendation and guidance of suitable ‘legals only locations’ – If opting for your legals only marriage to take place outside of our suggested locations, additional travel time fees may apply.

Witnesses – Please note: 2 witnesses are required to officially witness your marriage, you can invite 2 people along to attend and witness your marriage (it is preferred that witnesses to a marriage know the couple if possible), or alternatively, we may be able to assist with a witness if one of us is available.

Some couples hire a professional photographer who can also double as a witness.

What’s not included in a ‘Legals only marriage’?

If you are intending on inviting more than 10 guests to your legals only wedding or would like your marriage to take place elsewhere additional costs may apply.

PA System, ceremony music, microphone, parking, travel time and a personalised ceremony are not included in our basic ‘legals only’ package. If you require these options, either an additional fee or our standard Celebrant fee will apply.

Legals only marriages are available on weekdays and subject to availability on weekend mornings.

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Where can my ‘Legals Only’ wedding take place?

Your legals only marriage can take place wherever you like. We have carefully devised a shortlist of Brisbane’s best locations for elopements and legals only marriages. Travel to these locations is included in our standard ‘Legals only’ marriage fee. An additional fee may apply for alternative locations.

Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

Picture perfect! If you picture having your intimate legals only wedding, surrounded by lush greenery, overlooking a beautiful lagoon, Mt Coot-tha has some lovely spots for your marriage to take place. With an abundance of picture-perfect backdrops, this is a great choice if you are planning on having a Photographer or Videographer there to capture your wedding.

You can view our gallery of elopement locations at Mt Coot-tha here.

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Elopement deck in Indooroopilly

Privacy – If you are drawn to the idea of your marriage taking place somewhere nice and private, our property in Indooroopilly has a custom-built shaded and sheltered deck. With a lawn and greenery backdrop this area is suited to small guest numbers and may be hired for legals only weddings and paperwork only marriages.

For marriages with no more than 2 guests (witnesses) and (optional, if having one) a Photographer present, we may waive the hire fee of this space and offer it for your legals only marriage complimentary. Time limitations apply and decor is additional.

Ceremony décor as pictured can be quoted on request.  View the gallery of simple private property elopements and marriages here and contact us for more info.

Legals only wedding ceremony Brisbane

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New Farm Park

Inner city & dog friendly – Perhaps you like the idea of your marriage taking place in centrally located New Farm Park where you can bring your dog along or enjoy a celebratory picnic together afterwards.

New Farm Park has several designated sites that can be booked for weddings through Brisbane City Council, instead you may like to choose a spot that doesn’t need booking, like beneath a huge old tree or the rose gardens. contact us for more.

View a variety of New Farm Park elopements and ‘Legal only weddings here.’

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How Much is a Legals Only Wedding?

Simple ‘legals only’ marriages are a low cost, affordable way to get married.

Once we are equipped with the following information, we can confirm your fee:

Your requested marriage location, the number of guests you expect to attend, the date or day of the week you have in mind and any other requirements or inclusions. As a general guideline, our legals only weddings in Brisbane cost around half the price of our full weddings.

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FAQ’s about Legals only weddings (cont)

How long is a legals only wedding?

What’s not included in a legals only marriage?

What is a paperwork only marriage?

Who can be our 2 witnesses for our legals only wedding?

What is the cost of a legals only marriage or elopement?

Can I bring a Photographer?

How long is a ‘Legals Only’ wedding?

As our ‘legals only’ wedding option includes only the required legal wording (which is very minimal and super quick) followed by the signing of 3 x marriage certificates, you could easily arrive and be on your way again as a married couple, within just 10 minutes or even less if you choose.

Legals only marriages are quick, relaxed and free of stress, pressure or nerves.

What is a paperwork only marriage?

A paperwork marriage is another term used for a legals only wedding or marriage. A paperwork only marriage must still include the required wording to be spoken by the Celebrant (which is very minimal) and the required vow sentence to be said by each of the couple, then the marriage paperwork can be signed.

Legals only or paperwork marriages may take place at our private elopement deck.

Who can be witnesses for our legals only marriage?

You are required to have 2 witnesses attend, to witness your marriage taking place and also sign your marriage paperwork. Most couples invited 2 friends or family members to be their 2 official witnesses.

Witnesses do not need to be Australian residents or citizens; however, they must be able to speak and understand English. Witnesses must be aged 18 or over and of sound mind. Witnesses full legal names need to be provided.

If you are unable to source a witness, one of us who isn’t your Celebrant may be able to be a witness if available. Couples can also use a Photographer as a witness.

Can I bring a professional photographer?

Absolutely, some couples even ask their photographer to be one of their witnesses.

This couple hired a Videographer to capture their ‘legals only’ style elopement wedding at the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, who covered their long-distance relationship in their sweet film.

The happy couple rated Jamie 5 stars and had this to say:

“5 STARS – working with Jamie was such a breeze. He helped us with all the document preparation in the lead up to our wedding, and also on the day. If we had a question, we always received a quick response.

We had a small elopement with just the 2 of us and our witnesses. But really, no event is too big or small for him. 5 stars just doesn’t do him justice.”

L & R – Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Wedding with Celebrant Jamie Eastgate


If a simple, legals only wedding sounds like what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch for more information and availability for your legals only marriage.

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