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Wedding party introductions

You’ve fondly recruited your closest friends and family to be in your wedding party. They’ll be getting ready with you, standing beside you when you tie the knot, and they’ll be joining you on the dance floor to party the night away.

They mean a lot to you so you may want to acknowledge and thank them for sharing and joining you on the journey to your wedding day. So when it comes to designing the ceremony and including this, we can acknowledge them and thank them collectively, or individually.

wedding party ideas

Jess and Nick’s crew all shared a special place in their lives and journey together, so they decided to include individual wedding party introductions.

Wedding party introductions aren’t for everyone and the majority of our couples opt to keep their ceremony simple with a collective wedding party acknowledgement.

Brisbane wedding at Mirra

wedding at Mirra Brisbane

Here is the wedding party intro we shared at Jess and Nick’s ceremony, if you like this idea it could be a great inclusion for your ceremony.

Firstly, introducing the lovely bridesmaids:

Charlotte: Jess’s baby sister. Jess and Nick know how compassionate and loving you are.

You are always there to help them with anything from tech support to finding the majority of the vendors for this wedding. They love your surprise funny one-liners and how they get to reap the benefits of your passion for baking.

And introducing Emily, the eldest sister.

Jess tells me you have always looked out for your little sisters and from a young age she has always looked up to you. She describes you as generous, kind and thoughtful.

And the groomsmen, introducing, Tom.

Nick and Tom have been friends since Kindergarten. Nick loves that you both share so many hobbies. He loves exchanging photos of what you have smoked on the BBQ, beers you have tried and the best chilli sauce recipes.  

And Chris. Nick also met Chris in Kindergarten and they have been friends ever since. They shared a flat in London and have had many adventures overseas. Chris, you are a loyal friend to Nick, generous with your time and they tell me you have an awesome sense of humour too.

Introducing Kupa. Kupa and Nick met on a building site in London and quickly found themselves down the pub together. Nick loves your infectious laugh, positivity and easy-going nature.

And last but not least, Joe Lee.

Joe Lee, would tell you he is the reason we are here today. And Jess and Nick can confirm he is – Joe lived with Jess in London and introduced her to Nick.

They are both forever grateful to be your friend.

Joe, they describe you as hilarious, and always up for a party. They both have fond memories of all the fun you’ve had overseas. They also appreciate all the vet advice that you give for their fur babies.

What awesome introductions! Their wedding party really enjoyed hearing these and it meant that all the guests knew who was who and where their friendship with each of them stemmed from.

Brisbane wedding ceremony at Mirra

Brisbane wedding ceremony

Brisbane wedding ceremonies

On a side note, I got to know Jess and Nick pretty well as this wedding was actually the second time I got to be their Celebrant. They decided to first up legally marry in a small intimate elopement with just their parents present, you can view their amazing elopement ceremony here.

Being already legally married meant they had complete free reign with the non-legal celebration, and it also meant they didn’t need to share vows or say a word in front of guests or sign any certificates which made it more relaxed and fun for them.

wedding Celebrant at Mirra Brisbane

wedding party introductions

bridesmaid and groomsmen introductions

wedding Brisbane

wedding photos Brisbane

What a wedding! what a wedding party and what a celebration. If you found this post helpful and you’re looking for a Celebrant for your special day, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us now and let’s start designing your personalised wedding ceremony.

With Celebrant Jamie Eastgate

Photography by Ben and Hope

Venue Mirra

You can view their elopement wedding at South Bank here.