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Reducing nerves and anxiety at your wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is such a special part of your big day. We encourage and support you in tailoring your ceremony, to reduce nerves and anxiety so you feel as comfortable as possible, to enjoy your memorable ceremony.

If you are feeling anxious in the lead up to your wedding, focus on the parts of the day you are really looking forward to, and on each other.

overcoming anxiety at weddings

Wedding day schedule

Consider having your ‘location photos’ together before the ceremony, which may include a ‘first look’ where you both see each other for the first time privately, with just the Photographer present to capture your reactions. Instead of having this moment on the aisle.

This usually means having a slightly later ceremony start time, and means after the ceremony, you can stay and celebrate with your guests instead of leaving them to head off for photos. You may also choose to share your personalised vows more privately at this time too.

first look wedding photoshoot

Arrival options

Couple to both be present to greet guests on arrival. When it’s time to begin the ceremony, the couple take their places hold hands and face each other (omitting a ‘walking down the aisle’ arrival).


Couple to arrive and walk down the aisle together.

bride and groom arrival

General ceremony tips

  • Keep the ceremony short and simple.
  • Hold hands and face each other, you don’t need to look out to the guests. You will feel much more comfortable and be in the moment together.

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Wedding Vows

Note that writing personalised vows is completely optional and entirely your choice.

Either opt to say the simple required vows only – You are required to say this 1 sentence each. We will have this printed ready to pass to you on the day. You don’t need to memorise anything.

  • Instead of writing vows, as your Celebrant we can share what you love about each other within the ceremony.

Or, if you would really like to write personalised vows:

Here are some options for sharing personalised wedding vows in a relaxed way:

  • You can choose to say just the ‘simple required vows’ during the ceremony, with the option to still write personalised vows to each other and share these more privately during your wedding location photos. With your location photos taking place either before or after your ceremony, and your Photographer capturing your genuine reactions, without the pressure of having an audience present.
  • You can share personalised vows. Keeping your vows short will take the pressure off and reduce nerves.

wedding ceremony anxiety

Small ceremony – Big celebration

Some couples choose to have a small intimate ‘elopement style’ ceremony, in the presence of their closest family and friends, followed by a reception celebration that all their family and friends are invited to.

Some couples choose to keep the small intimate ceremony secret and announce they are married at their engagement party turned wedding reception.

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small wedding Brisbane

Trust your wedding vendors

You did your research, you read their many reviews and carefully choose your team of wedding suppliers. Trust in them, their passion and their wealth of experience to deliver their part of your wedding perfectly.

HOT TIP: Some unique inclusions of securing one of us as your Celebrant are:

  • You get to see, edit and finalise your ceremony wording. We don’t surprise our couples with their ceremony wording on the day. This ensures everything is correct, we’re all on the same page and you know what your ceremony includes and how it will flow. This also means there are no awkward or unwanted surprises, so you can relax in the knowledge you know exactly what to expect.
  • We genuinely care about your ceremony going smoothly and ensure everything is in order and everyone involved in the ceremony are comfortable with their role on the day.
  • We have a naturally calming presence. Something many of our couples mention in their reviews.
  • Our couples also receive access to our professionally made rehearsal video, guiding them through exactly what to expect on the day.

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how to reduce wedding ceremony anxiety

Hopefully you have connected with some of our ideas to help reduce wedding ceremony nerves and alleviate wedding anxiety.

If there’s another part of the wedding day that you’re feeling particularly anxious about like the first dance or delivering a speech, consider omitting it from your wedding instead of putting yourself through the stress.

It’s your wedding day which should reflect you both and be thoroughly enjoyed by you both of you! The more guests can see you both enjoying your ceremony, the more they will feed off your energy and enjoy it too!

Wedding ceremony ideas

We hope this was helpful in giving you some ideas of how you can tailor your wedding ceremony to reduce wedding anxiety and nerves, making your ceremony a part of your day that you will really enjoy.

If you enjoyed this post and you’re looking for a Celebrant that is calming, organised, and specialises in seamless, enjoyable and relaxed wedding ceremonies, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us now and let’s start planning your special day.

With Celebrant Jamie Eastgate – Brisbane City Celebrants.

Images by October Falls Photography featured on To The Aisle.

Ceremony decor by With Love – Brisbane Wedding Decorators.