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An amazing celebration as 2 cultures united

Combining their cultures in a non-religious civil wedding at Walkabout Creek in Brisbane, this celebration was full of good vibes and great times. Born in different continent’s and raised in different cultures, the wedding of Paris and Bonny was a fusion of bright colours, fun and laughter.

cultural wedding

In respect of her Bangladeshi culture, bride Bonny wore a vibrant red saree. While groom Paris acknowledged his Indonesian culture wearing a waistcoat of traditional Indonesian design. Both glowing when they caught that first glance of each other.

wedding at Walkabout Creek

Wedding ceremony tip: You’ll notice we always recommend and guide our couples to hold hands and face each other. By facing each other, couples can enjoy every moment together when we share their story. It’s also way more comfortable than awkwardly staring out at the guests, and also much nicer than having their backs to the guests.

Wedding ceremony tip: To assist the Photographer in getting amazing photos, we always ensure our couples are nicely centered with the setting, and we’ll deliver segments of the ceremony while stood off to the side giving the Photographers ample opportunity to capture the couple from every angle, without us being in shot.

cultural wedding ceremony Brisbane

I had so much fun sharing the love story of Bonny and Paris as did the guests and I was over the moon to receive this amazing feedback from the happy newlyweds.

5 STAR REVIEW “It’s no exaggeration when we say everything went spectacularly. All feedback from our guests has been nothing short of glowing – from both the introverts and extroverts! Which is pretty much unheard of!

You helped keep us calm and made it a success. It’s definitely a day we won’t forget for the rest of our lives and we have you to thank for it. We’ve already passed on your details to a few of our guests who are getting married soon.

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Bangladeshi wedding ceremony Brisbane

These two met when Paris hit her up on a dating app that he’d been on for way too long and he couldn’t believe that she miraculously responded to what he described as his ‘horrendous’ pick up lines!

After talking online, they arranged to meet, and his first impression of Bonny was “Wow, this girl looks even better than her photos – that’s new! This has got to be some kind of trap!”

On the other hand, Bonny’s first impression of Paris was “Wait is that the same guy from the photos? I better check”!

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They became engaged when Paris organised an impromptu getaway at a remote resort  and did the best he could to engineer a romantic moment, getting down on his knee and popping the question.

He hadn’t expected her response to the proposal to be a resounding “WHY!?”

But after a few seconds of bewilderment, thankfully she actually agreed.

Walkabout Creek wedding Celebrant

Paris loves how wilful, kind and independent she is, and also that she plays videogames with him.

Bonny loves that he will never say no to chocolates, or warm brownies with ice cream, or donuts… even when they’re supposed to be counting their calories!

As a Celebrant that is so passionate about creating and delivering stand out wedding ceremonies that everyone enjoys, having the guests cheering, laughing and enjoying every moment seriously fills my cup! What a fun ceremony and an amazing couple!

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Indonesian groom and Indian bride

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds what an incredible wedding it was.

Walkabout Creek wedding photos

Walkabout Creek wedding photography

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If you enjoyed hearing about this wedding at Walkabout Creek and would like to secure one of us as your Celebrant we would love to hear from you.

Contact us now to confirm availability and let’s start planning your amazing wedding.

With Celebrant Cara of Brisbane City Celebrants

Photos and video by Good Moments

Venue Walkabout Creek

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